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    Insurance for Whiskey/Wine Collections?

    I contacted a local branch of an insurance agency regarding purchasing renter's insurance for my apartment and was told that they could not insure any alcohol due to uncertainty in value. I guess I see their point to some extent with regard to open bottles of whiskey, but it's not really hard to figure out the replacement cost of unopened bottles of whiskey (which are tracked in an Excel spreadsheet) or wine (indexed online on CellarTracker, which has its own valuation systems.)

    Anyhow, has anyone ever claimed a loss of whiskey or wine or other alcohol on their homeowner's policy or renter's policy? How did that turn out?

    Relatedly, does your homeowner's policy or renter's insurance policy specifically discuss the insurance of alcoholic beverages or anything like that?

    The agent I contacted suggested that I try to get insurance from an agency that specializes in insuring collections of alcoholic beverages. Do you all know of any place that offers affordable insurance for whiskey or wine collections? Or any insurance company that sells renter's policies that explicitly include insurance of alcoholic beverages.
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