I thought I would post this because I had been curious about corn whiskeys. This is the first one I have tried (although I had some moonshine several years back).

I found an odd one while dusty hunting in DC the other day:
Stillbrook Straight Corn Whiskey BIB
Distilled by American Distilling Co.
D.S.P. ILL. No. 2, Pekin, Illinois
Bottled by American Distilling Co.
D.S.P VA. No. 6, Petersburg, Virginia
It looks like it was bottled in 1977.
Color: Pale Honey Yellow
Nose: Sweet corn, honey, vanilla, some floral (honeysuckle?)
Palate: Bananas, cream, marshmallow, honey
I was pleasantly surprised. Very drinkable, and I'm looking forward to mixing it with a spicy Blenheim's Ginger Ale.

American made a straight bourbon in the 1970s along with the corn whiskey. A quick Google search shows there's a 3yo "Stillbrook Old Style Whiskey," which is owned by McCormick Distilling Co.