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    Re: Bakers - Wins Awards But Gets No Love Here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillman View Post
    I think so too (the plainish white label would give it away).

    Yes that's it.

    So, I'm doing a quick side by side with Old Rip 10 107. The 10 bottle is 2/3 full the last few years so has aired a bit. The 10 nose is initially more open and malty with sweet vanilla maple.

    The Bakers 107 is more closed in as it's just getting unleashed. Dry. Cedar. The initial flavors show the Bakers potential.

    After 15 minutes time, The Rip has softened a bit and shows more wood. Still sweet. Full palate. Medium finish.

    The Bakers has hints of licorice now. Sandlewood. Bubblegum. Sweat. Leather. Spearmint. Lavender. You all might have more Bourbon type descriptors, I gotta go off what I know.

    At the 1/2 hour. The Bakers has come into it's own. These are both excellent Bourbon. Bakers holds body better and has more deep complexity. The Rip is a sweet young girl with it's seeming freshness, but the Bakers really holds interest. Less fusil even than the Rip, which surprises me a little, cuz the rip is dam smooth.

    Both made me chase to the bottom of the glass, so we all win ;-) Soundtrack for this adventure provided by Junior Wells.


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