Dear fellow Michiganders: Help!!!

I have had no luck finding a current bottle of Weller Special Reserve (the lowest price of the Weller clan) in the greater Lansing area. I have looked at the following stores:

Oades Big Ten
Tom's Party Store (Grand River)
Goodrich's Shop Rite
All Kroger locations
All Meijer locations
Most Quality Dairy locations (some are too scary to visit)

Additionally, I asked the liquor manager at Goodrich's to order some, but he informed me that the distributor is out of stock.

Does anyone know of a store in mid-Michigan that has the Weller SR in stock?

In exchange for information, I can offer the location of Beam Black 50ml bottles priced below state min...a real bargain if you're taking a trip and want to bring some along as "carry-on" sedatives.