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    Smile Weller Antique 107 Not Going Away!

    Not sure if someone already beat me to this in another thread (I've looked several times) but I had heard a rumor here a few times about how Weller Antique might follow in the footsteps of Centennial and be discontinued in the near future so I contacted BT to see what they would tell me about this. I just got a response today, here's what they told me:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy Gum @ BT
    Thank you so much for your email. We are still bottling and distributing Weller 107. In the 90's when we were distilling the Weller that is being bottled now we had to predict what the demand would be in 2007-2008. We underestimated just how popular the brand would be now and how great the demand would be, therefore, the Weller line is difficult to find right now. Hopefully within the next few months Weller will be much easier to find.

    Just thought I would pass the good news along, you guys had me worried for a little bit! Unfortunately what I didn't ask about was the age statement... I'll let you know when I hear anything further from them.
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