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    whisky bottles from 1971

    hi there, I have inherited a couple of unopend whisky bottles from 1971. they are:

    1. Carrington Canadian Whisky from Carrington Distillers Ltd, toronto, ontario.
    2. Gilbey's Number Eight, aged 8 years, from Gilbey Canadian Inc.

    anyone here of these? were they any good?

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    Re: whisky bottles from 1971

    They'll be as good now as they ever were. Whiskey doesn't age in glass. I've never tried or heard of either of these, but I'm not a big Canadian drinker. My brother in law is, but he's not on this site. I'll ask him the next time I talk to him. I do know there are tons of Canadians that seem to come and go regularly.

    OK, some of you Canadians help out!




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