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    The latest things to go

    Well, this month the PALCB chose to discontinue the following:
    008953 Closeout EAGLE RARE SINGLE BARREL KY STR BRBN90 proof $35.991.75 L009508 Closeout ELMER T LEE BRBN90 proof $19.99750ML004609 Closeout OLD GRAND DAD STR BRBN86 proof $6.49375ML009535 Closeout ROCK HILL FARMS BRBN100 proof $34.99750ML007174 Closeout WILD TURKEY JIMMY RUSSELL RES BRBN90 proof $19.99750ML
    Soon all we'll have left is Beam White .
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    Re: The latest things to go

    Sorry to hear that, but get 'em while you can, those are some good prices!
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