I was looking for something different to round out an order this week and Brett at Binny's recommended the Bernheim Wheat. He said that it wasn't like a wheater since the wheat there is more subtle and doesn't mask the sweetness of the corn like a rye'd bourbon.

I opened it last night and tried it neat in a 6oz sampler sized snifter.

It is kind of hot on the nose for a 90 proofer and this quality did not wane at all over time. The heat wasn't overwhelming to the point that I was able to pick up plenty of spice.

The spice and dry (nearly astringent) feel on the tongue are unique for me and were not bothersome at all. Not a bit of sweetness, but still deligtful.

The finish was a little thin in comparison to some of the more robust whiskeys that I've had, but it was not a disappointment and there was very little burn. The aftertaste was a treat.

I've not developed the palate yet to pick out more subtle flavors, but I'm enjoying the opportunity to practice and compare what I find to other notes here.

Overall, it reminds me of a grown up version of the Forty Creek Barrel Select that I bought in Vancouver last fall. It isn't a carnival of flavors and texture, but it is very competent whiskey and a pour that I will gladly revisit. I consider it a welcome addition to my collection and it would be a good stepping stone to get a Canadian devotee on the path to Bourbon nirvana.

Since it's more in the straight rye mold, I'd like to hear what a really hard core rye drinker has to say about it.

Has anyone else given this a try?