A month ago I ordered a pair of Glencairn crystal whiskey glasses from Malt Advocate. http://www.whiskeypages.com/marketplace/index.html
It is very much a hybred between a traditional 'nosing glass' and a snifter. It's a rather odd bird in that it sits on a kind of solid crystal pedestal that protrudes from the bottom of the glass. It is also small. Two ounces of bourbon fills the bulged out snifter like bottom third of the glass and almost into the straight 'nosing' portion. This dosen't seem like a serious drinking glass for those of us that consider a half cup of bourbon as a reasonable portion.

I field tested the Glencairn in a recent tasting and it worked quite well. It's just as good a drinker as any snifter and not quite as good a noser as my 'whisky blenders glass' from PubGear. http://www.pubgear.com/scotwhisnosg.html

All told they're servicable little whiskey glasses for neat drinking and nosing, and I'm happy to have them.