Ok, turn your mancard face down and back away from the real booze.. this is about cocktails worth mentioning..

and no doubt i've already offended the majority. Sometimes, howsomeever, a guy needs creative, when he has a hot date and the delicate proposition being not yet confirmed, wants to kill a little time looking suave.

Shaken and not stirred works ok, and once in a while that Pina Colada thang is just right, but what sort of cocktail do you recommend for gender based mutual entertainment?

I've got one for cold weather, a New Age version of the 'Tom & Jerry'..

One very heaping tablespoon of dark brown sugar
One teaspoon dark molasses, OR, for a southern twist, Steens sorghum syrup.. ( less bitter and more grassy)
One Fourth of a stick of unsalted butter<get good butter
1 ounce of Captain Morgans Spice Rum
1 ounce of Bacardi 151
2 Constant Comment Tea bags

Teakettle full of boiling water, saucepan.

Using good heavy small coffee mugs, the ancient one pound cheap diner kind.. , rinse with boiling water to heat, then half fill with water at a rolling boil (or just microwave 20 seconds, bring it to a full boil for a hot cup). Should have 5 oz water each. Add teabags, wait 2-3 minutes.

While the tea steeps melt butter, sugar, syrup together in tiny saucepan, rapidly.. till the butter starts to bubble , it should be well mixed in 90 seconds..

remove from heat and add liquor, stir till it's all dissolved.
remove teabags from mugs and add half the magic potion to each one,.. good for fall afternoons out on the deck.. and it's not done right unless it's too hot to drink right away.

OK, what fancy little concoction do you create when it's Not A Day For The Monster Truck Rally..