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    Post help complete my 1st Binny's order

    oh sages and worldly experts of all-things bourbon, help a brother out... I'll be out of bourbon by tomorrow (gasp) so I'm about to make my 1st order from Binny's and want to make the best of it.

    as I've mentioned in other threads, I've had, liked, and would definitely buy again (in the following order):

    * Booker's
    * Van Winkle Lot B
    * Eagle Rare 10yr Single Barrel

    and after talking w/ Brett & reading things here, I'm definitely getting one bottle of each of these in this order:

    * Four Roses Small Batch
    * Weller 12yr
    * George T Stagg

    so with all of that in mind, help me spend pick another couple of bottles (~$70 cap in addition to the 3 bottle above) to best complement what I've already decided to order, had previously and liked, ought to try, etc:

    * Elmer T Lee Single Barrel
    * Buffalo Trace
    * Four Roses Yellow Label
    * Four Roses Single Barrel
    * Blanton's Single Barrel
    * Jefferson Reserve Very Old Bourbon


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