Whatever the heck you want to call it I had my first sighting of a bottle in Atlanta recently.

knockeen poteen.JPG

At $32 I haven't decided if I should splurge on it or not. This particular version is reportedly made from Whey and is at a very healthy "farmer's strength" of 120 proof.

I was spoiled a bit on St. Paddys by a bottle of Glendalough Poitin direct from Ireland that I would buy if I could get my hands on it. It is at a lower proof and is a barley malt mashbill aged in new Irish oak for a short time according to the website so it is not a typical version. But it was quite good with some real nice malty sweetness to balance the youth.

I would also like to try the Cooley Poitin which is new make whiskey using a single pot still recipe like Redbreast and the Teeling Poitin which is a blend of grain and malt mashbill.