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Good choice Joe. I decided to buy an old-school Canadian, Wiser's 18 years old, which at about $35 is great value. It is very well-modulated with a long finish. It never reminded me really of CC's older whiskies before but does now (somewhat like CC 20 year old). I wonder if whiskies distilled at Corby's historic distillery have run out or mostly. The Corbyville plant was closed in 1989 (to be replaced by stock distilled in Windsor at Hiram Walker - HW was the majority shareholder after Allied Lyons bought control of Corby). I recall the older dram being more fruity and the current one is more smooth and non-estery but is still very good - almost Cognac like. Great value again.

Heck yes, Wiser's 18 is nice.

And cheers to you too, Joe