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    Re: What Wee Dram are you enjoying now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Megawatt View Post
    Hardy Cask, eh? You been hoarding that or something? Or did they make more of it in recently? I had a bottle a few years back (single cask version). Interesting stuff. Very closed until you add some water and then BOOM, fruit and spice exploding everywhere.

    Hoarding... nope.... but I did find a place locally that has a few. so I don't know if it is an older bottling or a newer release.

    And you nailed it !!!! Very closed ay first.... I didn't add any water, but I did let it sit for about 20 minutes and it was fantastic. I may go back and get another.

    *EDIT* I just saw that it was bottled on 9-20-06....
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