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Had a glass of Aberlour 12y Double Cask last night, quite different from the HP, I find it to be almost bourbon like, quite sweet from the sherry casks. Its not bad, but not as smokey as I like. Still just working my way through all the different types of single malts to find what I really like.
There was a time when I only liked Speysides and HATED anything peaty/smokey. Then I acquired a taste for the Islay whiskies and couldn't get enough of the peat and smoke, at which point I turned my back on most Speysides, feeling that I had "graduated" to a higher level of single malt sophistication. Now I realize the error of my ways and find that there's room in my cabinet for all sorts of single malts, it just depends upon my mood. There's nothing like a Macallan 12, Aberlour DoubleWood or (even better) Aberlour 16 after dinner when you want something a tad sweeter or sherry-ish to go with dessert. So try to judge each one on its own merits and be careful about comparing one to another--Aberlour 12 and HP12 are apples and oranges by design. They're each rewarding in different ways, so enjoy them all!