Joe, I appreciate your support, but being a Presbyterian pastor (those Scottish roots...), my predilection for distilled spirits is sort of unavoidable.

I had a Lagavulin 16 a few days ago... Not bad at all. But not splendid. It's just a matter of taste, of course, but I much prefer Ardbeg. I'd take the Ug and the ten year over the Lag 16.

Finally, speaking of Springbank, I saw it on the back of a bar when my wife and I went out for a drink the other night. I was shocked at how flavorful and deep it was. I was really wowed. Then I figured out why. The majority of the bottle was obscured, and I assumed and expected it was the 10. But it was the 15. Really great stuff.

Unfortunately, not only did my palate detect the difference, but my wallet did, too.