Just chiming in to say that I really enjoy this thread. It's been the one that's taught me the most about the Dark Side. I just wanted to thank the regular posters here. I should post more often re: my purchases and likes and dislikes. Will try to do so.

That said, tonight Lagavulin Distillers Edition is doing battle against Bowmore 17. The Bowmore 17 was my first Scotch (relative) dusty (not sure how long this has been out of production, but not more than a few years, no?), and I still love it immensely. There's just an intense creamy, almost cream soda flavor to it. Invites certain comparisons to PVW in terms of body and sweetness. I realize how preposterous that statement is, but if you're by my bar, I can justify it! I've got a few stores where there are 5-6 bottles of this on the shelf and while I am dedicated to sweeping up bourbon dusties first, I do hope these Bowmore 17s wait for me. There's just something about the huge body and sweetness that makes it so uncharacteristic for an Islay, and what's reminding me of a wheated bourbon.

That, or I'm drunk!