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Can you compare it to the Oogie? It's the closest relative, I guess. I saw a few bottles of the Day around here but it's more expensive than the Uigedail and even Laph 18, so it would have to have a pretty unique profile for me to get it.
It's the best Ardbeg I have had in recent memory....including the Uigeadail. I'm a sucker for peat with sherry finishes....and the Day not only has both....but it has them in BALANCE. My palate never stood a chance.

You get an initial burst of peat and salt, very Ardbegian to say the least. And a hint of sweetness kicks in mid-palate followed by seaweed and ash. On exit and moving towards the finish is where the big, red ripe fruit kicks in. The sherry makes an appearance and complements the dram beautifully.

I got to taste this while recording the latest WhiskyCast Virtual Tasting with Mark Gillespie. Upon finishing the tasting.....I immediately secured a couple of bottles.

If you like Ardbeg, and you like sherry finishes......this one is a can't miss slam dunk. Don't miss out.