Kilchoman Sherried (Black label)

Color: Straw yellow with a reddish tint.

Nose: A good dose of peat smoke, iodine, and wet tree bark. Notes of ripe, red raspberries and grapes elevate from the glass.

Taste: A quick iodine/Methylate note on entry and then young, earthy, peat erupts on the palate. Subsides rather quickly and is replaced with a sweet wine character that adds layers to this dram.

Finish: Smokey and sweet with a soft berry presence including elderberry and black berries. Moderate in length.

Rating: This is a very complex whisky with lots of layers and good depth. It's age does reveal itself as its youthfulness cannot be missed. Nevertheless, it is most enjoyable and one I'd gladly keep on the shelf. Score is an 87.