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Last night I took a rare dip into a Springbank Society 11yo Local Barley bottling that was finished in re-charred sherry butts. Man I love this stuff. It has a deep earthy minerality that is lifted by fruity malt sherry influence. I wish I could get more.

After dinner I had a pour of Laddie 10. I think there's something wrong with my bottle. I've thought it from the moment I opened it, and it is confirmed each time I pour from it. It has that somewhat gamey quality that I associate with cork taint. I opened it right after I opened an awfully corked Springbank 10/100, so I tried to ignore it, in disbelief that I could open two whiskies gone bad in a row. Really disappointing. I never have this problem with bourbon...

I finished the night on a high note with Ardbeg Day. This bottle has really grown on me over the last few months. I think I can say I have officially acquired a taste for the richly sweet sherry finish on top of the earthy smoke of the peat; it's like smoking a cigar dipped in sherry. I'm heading out to look for more sherry finished Islay. Like, now.
My Laddie 10 had an "off note" as well Aaron. I don't think it was just your bottle.

And the Ardbeg Day is delicious!!! Welcome to the club!