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I personally love my Longrow 7 finished in those Gaja Barolo casks, but had a tough time figuring it out. It is a confusing combination, a tart red grape snap combined with the peaty edge that hints at oily, smoked meats. Makes me want to reach for some fennel salami. Weird combinations in this, but then again I love to salt my oranges. I found the finish to be especially weird, like I drank Chinon all night long, and then decided to finish it off with some Laph10 CS.

I do really agree with you on this one though. Why take a gem like the standard Longrow and muddy the waters with finishing? The Cab finish longrow had a real dirty note for me on the finish, and not in a good way, like a clod of dirt in the throat rough. The Longrow-Tokaji finish is disgusting, and the claret cask finish was actually a bit boring for a Springbank IIRC, which was surprising as I'm generally a big fan. I do love the Pedro ximenez and oloroso finish springbanks though, especially at 14 years and CS.
Well, different palates - I think the Springbank Claret is magnificent. One of my favorite Scotches in the past couple of years.

It's been ages since I had the Takaji finish - I remember not being wowed, but not sure. There was also a Cream Sherry finish Springer from a few years back that I thought was pretty poor.

Admittedly, sherry/fortified wine finishes - for whatever reason - tend to work better (I've had fewer failures with those than just plain old wine), but at that, a "bad Longrow or Springer" is still better than most folks "best" offering, IMHO.