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On Saturday, I revisited the only bottle I've ever had that I deemed undrinkable -- Ledaig 10. When it was given to me in 2011, I took one drink and nearly threw it away. My memory was that it tasted like bandaids. I should say that between 2011 and now, I've learned to like peated whiskey, so I decided to pull it out of the back of the cabinet and try it again. I stand by my previous impression that it tasted like bandaids (medicinal), but that is no longer such a terrible thing. I'm not saying it's the best bottle I've got, but I'll be able to finish it, for sure. Funny how our tastes chance, isn't it?
Agree that it is awful stuff....but I don't get band-aids (if I did, I'd probably like it as I love medicinal notes).

All I could describe it was having this awful, "funky" note to it. Very astringent and off-putting.

It's a very flawed whisky.