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Took a suggestion from a link supplied by ChainWhip - also of interest to MyOldKyDram - and tried an Ardbeg Gilmanization: 1 part Airigh Nam Beist, 1 part Corryvreckan. HOLY JUMPIN JEBUS! I cannot overstate how f-ing amazing this is. I'm not even going to attempt describing it. OK I can't help myself, think overproof Springbank 18 with a bit more peat, salt, malt, everything really. If you ever get a chance try this!
Honestly, I've never had the balls to do something like this. It always seems like a betrayal of some sort to alter an amazing whisky from its natural state, but your excitement has me re-thinking my position. (I don't mind vatting things to correct some sort of deficiency, but to deliberately change an already amazing bottle...). Sure sounds good though.