I went all Islay last night. Started with a Lagavulin 12yo CS, which is the first bottle of Laga I've bought and has quickly endeared itself to me. Such great, luxurious balance of sweet malt, smoky vanilla tar and a spray of ocean salt. Best non-LE OB Islay bottle I've had.

I stepped it up a notch next with some Ardbeg Supernova. I have not found a groove with this guy yet. I get too much heat and lemon oil to appreciate the peat blast. I usually go for intensity in whisky, but this one is moving so fast that it's all a blur and nothing much is sticking for me.

Laphroaig Triple Wood up next. Yuck! A chemical nose turned into waxy silicone on the palate; tastes like it's been aged in a cheap plastic bottle under a hot sun. I bought it for use in a cocktail (which I do need to get around to sharing in the cocktail section here) and it works well for that, but I have no intention of drinking this stuff neat again.

I had to let Laph redeem itself after the truly unfortunate 3W, so I turned to a 13yo Duncan Taylor NC2 1B at 107°. This is the stuff! Soft, clean and oily malt with subtle sweet vanilla forming a cool bed for the distillery's own medicinal take on peat smoke. This one makes it easy to forgive Laphroaig for the 3W (though I have no intention of ever buying the 3W again).