A few months ago my wife bought me a pesonalized flask that is made of stainless steel. We were going to a movie that night and I wanted to take a bit of bourbon to sip on while watching the flick. So rather than buying a small bottle at the liquor store I decided to pour a bit of my premium pour (Baker's) into the flask. And low and behold the Baker's caused the flask to tarnish in a matter of hours. It was fine while at the movie but when I got home I noticed the whiskey had turned a grayish color. So I ended up having to pour out the whiskey and my flask is no good any more. Did the high alcohol content cause this or was my flask just a fancy piece of junk. I'm saving the flask because it is a personalized Army flask but it would be nice if it was functional. Is there any way to get it back to normal or am I screwed.