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    Brown Foreman is pouring it on the ground

    Hey Folks! Long time no see (waves). Had to laugh, last message from Linn asked if I had been stolen and forced into sexual slavery (WHOOHOO...don't tease me Linn). Someone stole my damn computer. I would have much preferred sexual slavery . Hiya to John and Linda too. Hope everyone here is well. I've meant to drop in for awhile but, when I turned on TV this morning I thought of you. Local news is reporting a major spill at the Brown Foreman plant in Louisville @ 18th & Garland. They've evacuated some of the folks in the plant. Maybe someone has a quality issue?

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    Re: Brown Foreman is pouring it on the ground

    Welcome back Beej! Sorry to hear of the theft of your computer. There's a lot of new stuff here and a lot of new faces, so be sure to poke around.



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