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    Re: what >=$30 bottle for a "never really had Bourbon, I like Scotch and Whiskey" guy

    Quote Originally Posted by spun_cookie View Post
    Sep up to ~$40 and you will be able to grab about 75% of what was recomended here... (less the woodsford, sorry james... for the price get th B-Day and skip one trip to Mcy Ds) and you will be thrilled.
    Personally I love that B-day bourbon and I agree it's a good choice but for under $30 I'd suggest Buffalo Trace or ERSB.

    btw- The Woodford was my first choice for the scotch drinkers because it's dryer than most bourbons and may be closest to their palate.
    Whisk(e)y - a bargain at any price !!!

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    Re: what >=$30 bottle for a "never really had Bourbon, I like Scotch and Whiskey" guy

    I sometimes find the wheaters remind me of single malts malts that feature a malty center (i.e Scapa, the better Glenlivets, Glengoyne), as opposed to sherry/peat focused whiskies. I really like the Weller 12, the Pappy 10 107, and the Weller 107 in that range (all under), perhaps not the Pappy depending upon where you buy.

    If you were saying they liked JW Blue, then perhaps the EC12. JW blue has a nose to die for (which I find true of the EC 12), but disapoints a bit on the lack of depth on the palate (for the price, for sure).



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