How Many of you have ever cooked with Whiskey? Sometimes I do some simple cooking putting Whiskey in the food. An example is taking canned Spam and putting a little Mustard and some Blended Whiskey on it and baking it. It makes it sweet and very tasty! Another one I like to do is make Bourbon flavor pancakes make Pancake batter and use Whiskey instead of water. This is a great way to use disappointing Whiskeys you have and the pancakes are Awesome! I have made Pancakes with Creamed Corn and Bourbon in the Batter and they were wonderful. And Hot dogs cooked in Whiskey and water are very Nice to. Another is my Hamburger Pie where I cook up ground Beef pour whiskey in it simmering and pan fry Mushrooms and Onions and then mix them with Mexican 4 cheese blend in a simple store bought Pie crust in layers then put a crust on top and bake. So How many have tried these kind of things! I think Bourbon Does it Better!
Dave Z
Old Hickory America's Most Magnificent Bourbon