It is a damp, wet day.... so a good day for a cigar and a bit of reading. Picked a 1998 Trinidad Fundadores ( CLE AGO) from the humi and settled in with a copy of "My Life" which is Fidel Castro's recent autobiography by Fidel and Ignacio Ramonet. Beverage was a cup of Rwanda Bourbon coffee with a touch of half and half.

The Fundadores is a format I really enjoy, 40 x 7.5", as it is an elegant 2 hour smoke. Dark Colorado wrapper, nice oil sheen and a prelight aroma of damp soil, wood and hints of leather. The cigar drew perfectly and burned razor sharp. Flavors of spice, cocoa and oak mingled with some floral tones. No harshness, good balance and very nice complexity made for a great smoke with a long finish. While the 1998 Fundy's have a lot of life left in them, they are smoking extremely well at the 10 year point.

As for the book it is an interesting read and gives one a good insight into the way Castro thinks and see's the world. As one would expect he has some interesting perspectives,,, some worth pondering, others way off base. Overall it provides one of the better looks at Castro and his thinking.