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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    I'm chasing you Oscar. All while on the back deck with ER10, Modelo Especial, and a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero.

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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    If someone offered me a non-filter Camel right now I'd be all over it!!!

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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    Enjoyed a Robusto Tatuaje. A very nice NC cigar.
    “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” - P.J. O’Rourke
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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    smoked the Don Pepin My Father last week. that was delicious.

    last night was an Upman #40 with a pour of BT.

    JR's cigar special last week was the Partagas Black Pearl. i keep seeing ads for it everywhere, so i figure ill give them a try once they sit in the humidor for a while.

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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    I stand the over-night watch and last night was my night off and I am quartered in a hard building with a flat roof and stairwell access. So I was on the roof at sunrise, and we've had a bit of wind so there is some dust in the air, the entire eastern horizon was bright red as the sun came up. Quite beautiful if you just forget you're in Iraq, enjoyed a Churchill sized Habana Montecristo with a Diet Coke (damn General Order #1).

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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    props to you. my brother found some NA beer that he would drink while in Iraq.

    last night i enjoyed the La Aroma de Cuba and the their special edition (with the two girls on the label instead of the one). both were excellent.

    today im going to try the CAO Brasilia. just some JB to go with it since thats my football gameday beverage.

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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    It's official-- I have made the biggest mistake of my life.

    So, I go to our local Tinder Box on 2nd St. in Harrisburg, PA. I walk in and find a couple business guys in suits smoking cigars and reading the Wall St. Journal (well, at least 2 of them were).

    The tobacconist, reading a magazine, looks up at me as I'm looking up, down, and across the big wall humidor, perusing different brands and formats. I finally locate the Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (VSG) series that has become my personal favorite the past few years.

    "If you have any questions, feel free to ask..." I hear the tobacconist say behind me as he sits in his chair, reading his magazine.

    I take another look at the VSG that I pretty much had my heart set on, but then curiosity overtakes me-- I notice a brand that I can't find in the tobacco shop that I normally purchase my Ashton's from. The brand of cigar is called Davidoff. They have a classy appearance, and seem to be of decent quality. Their prices were just a small notch above the Ashton VSG's I was looking at.

    So I turn around and ask "what can you tell me about these Davidoff cigars? Would they compare favorably to an Ashton?"

    A small smirk forms on the tobacconist's face as he folds his magazine, then gingerly sets his small cigar (a cigarillo, perhaps?) in the ashtray next to his burgundy leather chair.

    "Ashton makes some quality cigars," the tobacconist replied, "but Davidoff is a whole other dimension of complexity." He then stands and walks over the humidor in front of me. He picks up a trio of Davidoff cigars, explaining "Davidoff is made of only Dominican tobacco. The Classic series is their standard offering, we also have their Millennium, which has a slightly fuller body..."

    Then he picks up a slightly smaller cigar, whose distinguishing feature is the gold-colored band around the tip, as opposed to near the other end, where you hold it. "And this one," the tobacconist continues, "is their Puro d'Oro-- Pure Gold. The wrapper leaf was developed specifically for this cigar in the Dominican Republic."

    Mesmerized, I bought it right then and there.

    I then look toward the entrance, to find all 4 of the guys reading the newspapers looking at me, and nodding their approval of my decision. "You'll never be able to smoke any other type of cigar after that!" exclaimed one.

    "The Davidoffs are better than sex!" chuckled a black gentleman in a business suit, with a thick Caribbean accent.

    When I got home, I poured myself a glass of Compass Box Hedonism (a vatted grain Scotch), went to my back patio, and lit it up. It lit evenly without effort. At the first puff, I knew right then and there, THIS was my cigar! It had the refinement of an Ashton, with the spicy kick of a Carlos Torano, and a surprisingly-full body, even from the relatively-diminutive size (it was technically a Corona, but definitely on the small end of that spectrum).

    They were right. There is no going back now!
    "Suppose he's got a pointed stick!?!"

    - Eric Idle, Monty Python's Flying Circus

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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    had the Bolivar Cofradia last week which was good.

    today i had a Partagas, which was fine.
    followed it up with the Partagas Black Pearl which i enjoyed a lot. i would definitely get some more of these.

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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    Quote Originally Posted by foxflyer5 View Post
    ...today i had a Partagas, which was fine.
    followed it up with the Partagas Black Pearl which i enjoyed a lot. i would definitely get some more of these.
    Have you tried the Partagas Spanish Rosado line? It's a medium-full bodied smoke with plenty of spice.
    Never trust a man who doesn't drink.

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    Re: So what is everyone smoking?

    Quote Originally Posted by Whiskey Willie View Post
    Have you tried the Partagas Spanish Rosado line? It's a medium-full bodied smoke with plenty of spice.
    i have not, but i will keep an eye out for it.

    my most recent purchase was a sampler from one of the online retailers. it has a fair number of cigars i havent tried before such as Man o War, Diesel, Graycliff, Gurka, etc. im excited to get cracking on some of these.



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