... I hate it.

I bought a bottle of Speyburn 10 year old. I know the reviews are mixed, but the bad reviews I have read mostly complain that the Speyburn 10 lacks in flavor and complexity. Several reviews I read said that they thought it had a nice flavor, just not enough of it. So I figured, this would be a safe entry into Single Malts- a low-cost and entry-level whisky which wouldn't overwhelm my senses.

I was dead wrong. From the very first sip, I was taken aback by an abrasive harshness followed by a most unpleasant, sour, dirt-and-mold-like flavor I never though possible from a malt-based product. (I brew my own beer- I know a thing or two about malted barley. But this stuff- ugh.)

I tried to drink it neat. I tried to drink it on the rocks. I tried adding a slash of water. I tried making a Rob Roy. No dice. I just flat hate this stuff.

The best way I can describe this whisky is thusly: if you put a Kingsford briquet in an unwashed, sweaty gym sock and pour a bottle of Bushmill's through the sock, you've got Speyburn 10.

I put the bottle back in the nifty canister in came in, put it away, and got out some bourbon to exorcise the demons.