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    Re: So... I bought my first Single Malt Scotch and....

    I hear you on that one. I just had a few cool Corona's to wet my thirst
    Whisk(e)y - a bargain at any price !!!

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    Re: So... I bought my first Single Malt Scotch and....

    Quote Originally Posted by LeoDLion View Post
    I was a blended scotch drinker for many years. One night in a party, the host opened a bottle of single malt Laphroaig. We all have a round to drink and everybody unanimously agreed that this bottle must be bad! It tasted like turpentine or iodine or medicine, what a blecch. We promptly put the bottle aside and open another one.

    The host gave me the Laphroaig (fortunately) to take home. The next few days, I was having a dram from it. It still tasted like turpentine on Monday for the next 3 days but I keep on drinking it. On Friday night, I poured the same bottle. I tasted it. I look at the glass and examine the bottle because this time it tasted different. It was good! The strong turpentine taste is still there but its not offensive anymore. I felt a strong bodied whisky with a full body taste. There was this lingering aftertaste that I dont know at that time but it turned out to be peat. I like this bottle !!!

    That was my 'acquired taste' period.

    So dont give up. I am still in the 'thinking stage' on bourbon whisky. I have not acquired the taste for it but I know I will be starting on it some time soon. Laphroaig may not be a single malt to start with. I suggest one of the Highlands or Speyside malts like Macallan, Glenffidich, Glenlivet as a start.
    Leo, if you want to get rid of the bottle of "turpentine", I'd like to buy it. It sounds like the old Laphroaig from the 70s, which I dearly love.


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    Re: So... I bought my first Single Malt Scotch and....

    Sorry Stu, that first Lap bottle is long gone. And many more came and now gone too. Sigh.



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