When my Grandfather worked at TW Samuels , This was after 1934 and he left when it sold. They had a bar in the basement of the office building which is still standing at Deatsville . Pretty nondescript building , they were able to run things in those days I guess from a very small office. Anyway the custom was that after work they would go to the bar and drink what they wanted (Bourbon of course) . This is a favorite story of mine that he used to relish in telling it. He went down there one day after work and they had poured a jelly jar/glass almost full of whiskey. They used to sell jelly in a glass so that when it was empty you had a free glass. I don't remember if they were 8 or 12 ounces,probably 8 , we had some of them. The guys were looking at the glass of whiskey sizing it up as it were, he reached in between them grabbed it and turned it up! He sat it down empty turned and left without saying a word to anyone. He said he knew what was getting ready to happen , he figured he had almost enough time to get home . He lived about a 1/2 mile from the distillery straight down the RR tracks . he made it home but laid down in the gate to the front yard. My grandmother was , as you can imagine , very proud of him at this point!