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Thread: ManX Spirit

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    ManX Spirit

    Has anyone tried this? It's an oak aged single malt that has been redistilled so that it is clear. There was a court fight over whether or not they could call it a whisky and they lost, thus the odd name.

    A friend of mine has Manx ancestry and is interested in acquiring a bottle of it. Apparently it is not distributed in the US.
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    Re: ManX Spirit

    You can order it on their website www.manx-spirit.com but i can tell you it is redistilled whisky and the quality is shite.It would be a waste of money but if your friend likes to have it for sentimental reasons he`s free to do so but don`t enjoy this stuff.

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    Re: ManX Spirit

    Wow...that looks terrible.

    The website says that the company "captures the essence of whiskey whilst removing those tars and oils acquired in the aging process." Sounds like someone developed a flavor filter...I bet they're enjoying the whiskey flavor extract in the back office.

    Buy your friend a Manx cat.

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