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    Nikka "From The Barrel".

    So, the Nikka "From The Barrel" whiskey...

    The website says, ""From the Barrel" is bottled directly from re-casked barrels of whisky and features almost the same alcohol percentage." What exactly does this mean? The alcohol % is stated as 51.4%, but this obviously (?) is not the proof coming off the barrel...

    Anyone know this story? I'm going to ask the Nikka rep, but I wonder if anyone here knows.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Nikka "From The Barrel".

    Has this made it to the states now?
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    Re: Nikka "From The Barrel".

    I love the snow pic on their website. http://www.nikka.com/eng/

    Nikka has a facebook page for interaction with public, maybe info there? I don't use facebook so haven't checked it out.

    Is it tastey?
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