Perhaps this has been covered already but I didn't find it in a search...and this is my first post so please be gentle. Also I know that Dickel isnt bourbon but this seemed the most likely forum for my Q which is:

Where the heck is all the Dickel?

My local store tells me the distillery burned down but there is nothing online referring to that. The only clue I find is from last december:

"One item may be missing from holiday parties this year: George Dickel Whisky No. 8. It's scarce because the Dickel distillery shut down production from 1999 to 2003, trying to reduce inventory of the Tennessee sippin' whiskey. It worked. And since whiskey must age, it's too early for a new batch."

All the stores near me in N.FL are out and a friend in Seattle can't find any either. I want my #8! waaaaaaaaaaa! There is just a subtle sweetness that I like about #8 that I havnt found in other whiskeys.

So...any idead where the Dickel is...and any recommendations for a Dickel-esque replacement?

Thanks y'all.