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    Feckin Spiced Whiskey

    This is a new product from an outfit in Princeton, Minnesota, World Spirits, Ltd. I would think it is the same company that has released the Phillips Union line of whiskeys.

    Feckin Spiced is 35% ABV. It has a nice smell of citrus and nutmeg or a similar spice.

    The taste is full, spicy, only slightly sweet.

    It comes in the spiced and regular versions but I have only tried the spiced one so far.

    A check on the website www.feckin.com shows the regular version and presumably the spiced one is based on Irish whiskey.

    I prefer my dram with a dash of bourbon added, I used Old Gran-dad Bonded which worked to perfection. The bourbon undertone deepens and picks up the drink. I will likely consume the rest of my Feckin Spiced in this fashion.

    Possibly the Feckin line is based on Irish grain whiskey (similar to Canadian I find in its character), but maybe there is some pot still in it too since it has a definite character.

    (Odd that I was adding bourbon to what seems an Irish based drink since we were just talking about that in another thread. It sure works well in this case).

    Excellent effort and it is good to see further whiskey products coming from this company.

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