I've been drinking Bourbon for less than a year now. I began with JBB and now it's my favorite. I'm not really as enthusiastic or experienced with Bourbon as most of you.
My bourbon consumption is done 85% of the time as a nightcap with 2 oz. of JBB or JBW in a small glass of Diet Coke. BTW, i drink Diet Coke all day!
I've also experimented with WT101 and liked it, but decided to sample a pricer Bourbon: Knob Creek. I'm disappointed with KC.
After going through most of a bottle ( 2 oz. w/ Diet Coke & ice), I've got to say that KC just isn't to my taste. The "nose" for JBW gives me corn flakes, some caramel..and Listerine. JBB: Char, corn flakes and some Licorice.
But with KC, I just can't get a read out of the bottle, nose-wise. Consumed in Diet Coke, KC just doesn't seem to pull it's weight-for the money. Anyone else?
I understand that KC is popular, but I wonder if I'm alone in failing to be impressed with KC. I vote "Nay". YMMV.