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Thread: Pvw 15

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    Pvw 15

    Not sure if this is in the right place but I was browsing through the new Maxim magazine and they have the PVW 15 as "one of the finest bourbons we've ever tasted" in their fathers day gift section.

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    Re: Pvw 15

    It's one of my favorites

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    Re: Pvw 15

    Great. Another bourbon that's going to get harder to find! Good for the Van Winkles and BT though.

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    Re: Pvw 15

    One of my all-time absolute favorite bourbons. But man that 20 sometimes gets me too.... I'd say they are tied with the 15 edging the 20 by a slim margin on most days.
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    Re: Pvw 15

    I got a friend a signed (by Julian) bottle of Pappy 15. He opened it last night and declared it his new favorite, replacing Jefferson's Reserve.
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