Has the label on EWBIB changed from white to green recently? I asked the local package store owner if he could get the EWBIB and, after checking with his distributor, he assured me that he could and that he'd have a case on the shelf by the end of the week.

When I returned I saw only black and green so I asked the owner. He told me that the BIB was on the shelf and pointed it out to me. Much to my surprise the label was green and I was about to tell him that it was not BIB. I then turned the bottle around and "Bottled in Bond" was clearly printed on the back label. The label also indicates 100 proof.

I bought a bottle but I'm not sure that it tastes the same as the white label to which I have become accustomed. Unfortunately I don't currently have a bottle of white label for comparison purposes. Thanks for any input.