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    Recently I tasted a couple of vodkas I keep in the freezer. One was Wyborowa, single estate version made from rye (in a heavy bevelled bottle, quite honestly I find the bottle a nuisance but the vodka is great); a vatting of vodkas I prepared (blending Absolut, Finlandia, Alberta Springs and a grapes vodka from California, Roth); and Roth on its own.

    They all tasted different I thought. The vatting had a "hard water"-like edge; the Roth was full-flavored with something distinctive yet hard to place, something "dusty" maybe; and the Polish single estate was the bee's knees.

    This was one of the few times I didn't like the result of my vatting and I recalled having tweaked it, too, to little avail.

    I drink vodka straight maybe 3 times a year but when I do I enjoy it.

    I know we've discussed vodka a lot here but I am interested in peoples' current impressions. For those who knock it back neat, which vodka do you favor, and why (taste, price, bottle, etc.)?

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