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Thread: Vodka

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    Re: Vodka

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillman View Post
    I've never tried Level (or Level One is it?); is that a premium version of Smirnoff?

    Nope. Level is a premium offering from Absolut.

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    Re: Vodka

    Okay thanks. This one is definitely on my try list.


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    Re: Vodka

    Do yourself a favor and check out Tito's handmade vodka. It runs anywhere from $14.00 to $21.99 for a 750ml. It could go head to head with any vodka out there. I've had some way too serious vodka snobs over the house recently and we got into some pretty intense discussions about how their premium $50.00 bottle of vodka was the only one worth drinking.

    They enjoyed Tito's but were still not convinced that it was good enough for their tastes. Actually, they were so reluctant to try it I almost gave up. I'm sure that their minds were made up before a sip was even taken. How could a product one third the cost be just as good and the fancy bottles that are marketed?




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