So, I have been reading the travesties that are occurring over at the Empty Bottle Support Group thread.

Prior to my little escapade of touring many distilleries this spring, I drank Jack Daniels, Makers Mark and Jim Beam products. Since then, I found this website and found a wonderful world to expose my taste buds to.

I have to say, I get disappointed when I finish a bottle. Recent losses are:

Elmer T Lee
WT Rye
WT 101
FR yellow
FR Small Batch

I liked all of them but... I am new to the bourbon enthusiast movement... and still experimenting, so when one leaves, I can replace it with something new, if I dare venture out of my known likes.

But ultimately, being an engineer, I always am finding myself being overly practical.

My philosophies so far have been to only try things I know are readily available. I do not try to seek out the hard to find bottles in fear of really liking it and then not being able to find it again. That then makes the pain of killing a bottle less tragic if I know I can find another. That also takes the hesitation out of opening certain bottles... if I can get another, I am not afraid of opening one.

My only regret then is not experiencing the entire array of bourbons. So I guess I will try to try some hard to find or special bottlings once in a while. I just do not want to end up with bottles that I am apprehensive to open due to its rarity.

Anyone else feel the same, or have any comments???