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    BOTM, 6/08: Bulleit

    How does image affect your perception/enjoyment of Bourbon whiskey? Do you think that it doesn't? If it was really all about what's in the bottle, producers wouldn't go to the lengths or the expense of beautiful decanters with nostalgic folklore adorning the label. It's marketing people! Do you remember your first bourbon shopping experience? What made you pick up one bottle over the other, with no idea what either tasted like? Was it the pretty red wax, or the story of Lincoln's boyhood home?

    This month's BOTM is something of a departure from the glam and glitz of the top-shelf, positioning itself in the old-school category. The really old-school category. Bulleit Frontier Bourbon Whiskey calls upon images of the rough and tumble American frontier of the late 1800s. It portends to be whiskey as the mythical American cowboy would have liked it. Old-style medicine bottle, label and a tall-tale of a story all add to the mystique. Of course whiskey back then probably bears little resemblance to this, a rather polished if slightly austere, modern bourbon whiskey.

    Sourced from rick-houses of Four Roses by Tom Bulleit, Bulleit Bourbon is a solid product from a solid individual. Not to everyone's taste, but mass-appeal can be so boring. So strap on your six-shooter, belly up to the bar and throw back a shot or two of Bulleit Frontier Bourbon...or else!

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