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    request for help with this noble undertaking - my Bourbon Map

    This is my first post. Hello from Northern Virginia. I am a cartographer (I make maps). I also love bourbon! I'm glad to have found this place. I am working on a map titled "American Bourbon Distilleries." I'm making this map for fun but maybe I'll try and get it published.

    I've had other cartographers review it but I want some bourbon drinkers to have a look at it to check the content.

    The map shows bourbon distilleries in Ky, and the founding dates of those distilleries.
    - This is the main thing I seek advice on
    - which distilleries I should include? It's an interesting concept how many brands of alcohol are owned by one big company (go look at Budweiser's list of brews for example or Bacardi) including several of the bourbon makers (Heaven Hill, Jim Beam).
    - I am having trouble defining the difference, and choosing between the actual distillery and the corporate owner (Ex: Woodford Reserve is made in Versailles, but is owned by Brown-Forman in Louisville).

    I would like help finalizing and improving this list:

    Barton Brands, 1876, Bardstown
    Buffalo Trace,1857, Frankfort
    Four Roses,1888, Lawrenceburg
    Heaven Hill,1935, Bardstown
    Jim Beam,1795, Clermont
    Ky. Bourbon Distillers,1935, Bardstown
    Maker's Mark,1840, Loretto
    Old Rip Van Winkle,1872 , Louisville
    Wild Turkey,1855, Lawarenceburg
    Woodford Reserve,1812, Versailles

    - Additions to the list? Changes? Let me know what you think!

    I'd appreciate any additional feedback you'd like to give about the map, have a spelled something wrong? Put something not quite where it really is? Think I should include any other features on the map? THANKS!

    I'm taking it today to a printer to do a full sized test to check the colors, its hard to tell just how something will look until you get a hard copy.


    Justin Procopio

    *this map is considered copyrighted material*
    Sorry the resolution is bad, its not really that blurry
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