I've been reading this forum for about two weeks now and really like how much information is shared in such a friendly way. I'm a medicinal drinker, I have a very nasty nerve disease called trigeminal neuralgia and so far the only relief I've found is from a mouthful of liquor. My condition is bad enough that it keeps me from working normal jobs so I am only able to afford the less expensive bottles.

I'm looking for recommendations for the biggest bottles I can get for the least amount of money. As soon as I can get a ride to the state liquor store today I've got about $25 to spend and I'm thinking about getting a big bottle of Ten High after reading about it in the BOTM. My last bottle was a bottle of Christian Brothers brandy, I can get a decent sized bottle of that for about $15.

I'm open to any suggestions on good pours that give me the most bang for my buck. I drink either neat or mixed with Pepsi or ginger ale, depending on my pain level. Also I'd be interested in meeting other bourbon drinkers in my area that would like to get together and knock back a few.