I understand your concern but I don't drink daily. Isn't it funny how health care workers have no problem giving you prescription after prescription for narcotics and think nothing of it. But let them hear one time that you are self medicating with alcohol and they look down on you like you are the dregs of the earth. Even people react the same way, look how many people on here talk about their "daily pour" and no one thinks anything of it, but mention that it helps with a medical condition and daily pour becomes a dependency on alcohol.

I've tried everything around here, I can't find a teaching hospital anywhere near me. And they turned me down for public assistance health care even though my doc clearly stated on the forms that I need surgery and constant medical attention. My case worker told me I should try again after I get on social security and I'd have a better chance. It seems they do everything to make it almost impossible to get any help unless you are either an illegal alien or you are popping out kids like its a hobby.

They did do an MRI on my head but it was years ago. Now when I go to the hospital emergency room they look at my chart, see I have T.N. and don't bother with any tests, they just drug me up for an hour or two and then send me home with a prescription for more drugs that I won't even bother getting filled. Of course they always tell me to see my regular doc or refer me to a neurologist even though they already know that I have no insurance and can't afford to see a doc. I've asked them how am I supposed to do this with no insurance and no cash, but they just send me off like its not their problem.

I can find help for a sick or wounded animal for free with ease. There are organizations all over that will bend over backwards to help an animal in need, but a sick human is just sent away to be someone else's problem.