Hi Folks,
I'm getting ready to quit cigs and move to smoking a pipe. I've got a few pipes already but I don't know anything about them so I'll tell you what it says on them. The pipes I have are:

Duncan Hill Aeroshphere
Willard Adjustomatic
Willard Imported briar
Marxman Super Briar
Real Briar made in france
Czecho Slovak

I've been collecting them for a few years from estate sales. all of them look either new or barely broke in. I also have a few nice pipe holders, some with places to store tobacco, one is a glass jar, another looks more like a wood humidor.

My questions are...

From the list of pipes I have, which are my best?

What is a good low cost tobacco that is smooth and won't make the woman run in and beat me? (again)

The pipes I assume are my best (duncan hill, marxman, venturi) came with one of my pipe racks and was loaded with tobacco which has dried out, can I bring it back to life somehow?

Where can I find info that will teach me the proper way to smoke my pipes and care for them?

Thanks for your help,