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    A-B's Sun Dog Amber Wheat

    I like amber beers. I like some wheat beers. So, the name caught my eye, even knowing that the terminology might not really tell me anything. Still, nothing else in the case was beckoning (well, okay, a couple of things were, but I was being cheap today, and they were too pricey, at least on this trip -- guess, by rights, I shoulda just bought Bud or something).
    Anyway, this is a new spring seasonal from Anheuser-Busch (replacing what is now the Shock Top Belgian White, which has gone year-'round), brewed from February through May (this one was bottled in early-March). Reviews and tasting notes -- including from A-B -- describe it as caramelly, with lemon/citrus edges. I concur. Maybe even some banana chews thrown in the tank.
    Also, I like it. Though its general reception by the beer-risters is mediocre, I found it awfully light and refreshing with a couple of slices of American cheese on a 90+-degree day in the Mid-South, after finishing 5K on the gym treadmill and walking back home.
    Here are the particulars:
    Anyone else found/tried this offering? Frankly, I'm going to put a 6-pack or two back while I can still find it around here. February's a long way off!

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    Re: A-B's Sun Dog Amber Wheat

    Tim, I haven't had that one, but I have had Shock Top which I liked a lot.

    I ordered the Shock Top at the new beer bar at Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas, it is next to the NASCAR exhibit.

    I didn't realise it was an A-B beer until part way through the bottle. It is an excellent product and can give any traditional Belgian or German wheat beer a run for their money. Also, being from a brewer with fine technical skills, it is impeccable in condition (no off- or weird tastes from oxidation or otherwise - to some extent this is still a bugaboo of the craft beer scene).

    I always said the big brewers could do great stuff if they wanted. A lot of the indifferent reaction of the beer crowd is, IMO, sour grapes (as it were). The prospect of a fine beer made by a macro brewer leaves them cold. To some degree I can understand their reaction since the macros ignored the craft beer movement for so long. Still, credit must be given where due.

    A-B can make a fine beer if it wants. Now, why doesn't it re-introduce Budweiser and Michelob according to the actual 19th century taste?

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