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Thread: Travel Flask

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    Re:Jerry Cans & Blondes

    Thanks Bobby! At that time the U.S. Army ran on deisel fuel; Marlboros, and Beam. As a Corporal I was making a whopping $310 a month. Smokes were 35 cents a pack and I bought Beam by the half gallon at either nine or ten dollars a jug.I don't rightly remember, but I think regular 'white label' Beam was 90 proof.

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    Re:Jerry Cans


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    Re: Travel Flask

    I have a glass, leather covered hip flask that belonged to grandfather. It is the perfect size (like some of the metal ones mentioned above) rather than a little too big. On one side it says "Smile O'Meter" and has a measuring opening in the leather so you can see how much you've drank. The other side says "Saturday Evening Post" and has a man leaning against a lamp post holding a flask in his hand.



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